Ruby Laser


Our new Red Centre Ruby Laser

Do you recognize the next business questions:

  • How to provide interactive reporting towards your clients, better, faster and cheaper?
  • Without complex IT implications?
  • Highly customizable and Cost effective?

Then try Laser Dashboard

  • Multiple display modes configurable for each user
  • Ruby reports are tables and charts that are viewable one at a time with full filtering, editing and configuration for extracting deep insight from the data
  • Galleries hold multiple Ruby reports for comparative viewing and fast context-switching between multiple reports
  • Dashboards display Excel-based workbooks automatically linked to project data for total control over layout and style
  • Public & private workspace views for full shared & nonshared access to reports, galleries and dashboards.




  • Excel dashboards are tightly integrated into the Ruby-Laser processing cycle for secure, robust processing of market research and external data.




  • Deliver dashboards to exact client needs for layout,
    formatting, styles, imagery, navigation, templates.
  • Interactive full filtering to drill down for insight.
  • Using universally available, installed and familiar Excel – no extra training or expensive license costs.
  • Integrate survey job data with data from external sources.
  • High performance, results in seconds means clients can rapidly develop insight and meaning.
    Low incremental cost to deploy.


Customised Client Experience


  • Define user-specific themes with logos, colours, etc.
  • Highly-customisable Excel-based dashboards.
  • Control access rights from view-only through to full access.
  • Pre-filtering settings limit data views to role responsibilities.