Ruby version 3, the next generation


With Ruby you already had a powerful and extensive range of cross-tabulation, statistical and reporting capabilities for all market-research functions post-collection.
Now we have launched Ruby, with extensive enhanced functionalities:

Ribbon GUI

Ribbon style interface that can be themed to match MS Office, are lots of new handy features for more interactivity.

Quick Import

One click imports for IBM, SSS, SAV and Delimited. Be running reports in 30 seconds.


Lightning fast, error free exports to Excel including huge tables, ready for MS Office 2013 Excel, PPT, Word.

Laser Dashboards

Post your jobs online with Analyst interactivity and Excel based dashboards


The BEST libraries and documentation are completely revised to support professional use – eg the free Microsoft Community Edition VStudio gives full intellisense. Ruby Scripting enters the field of professional languages.


Fully revised with API ‘intellisense’


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