Our services


The Knowledge Navigators technical services team is central to our success. Using best practises from our customer experiences they are continously improving services and thus enabling effective and professional implementation.

Headed by extremely experienced leadership, they lead a team that is focused on our core markets.

As an independent organisation our ability to support our customers is crucial to the long term mutual success of the relationship.


Our Support and other services fulfill a number of roles in supporting the customer relationship.

If you are a licensed user of our products you can contact us for assistance.

This service is focused on helping our customers identify and resolve technical and/or performance challenges around the application or product you are using.
Contact numbers for support are listed below.

EMEA : +44 (0) 845 299 3915

Asia Pacific : +61 (0) 292 872 300

Email :support@knowledge-navigators-research.com



Email : usasupport@knowledge-navigators-research.com


If you are sending an email please provide the product name and a description of the problem or issue you are experiencing, along with any error messages, with your message